TAME is a program for the measurement of Equivalent Widths (EWs) in high-resolution spectrum, which has been written by IDL.

TAME helps measuring EWs of absorption lines interactively, and also can automatically measure a lot of EWs at once

Presentation of TAME (in 2008 Fall KAS meeting) PDF Version


IDL (newer than IDL 6.4) (download from http://www.exelisvis.com/)

Spectrum : Text file with 2 or 3 columns (generated by IRAF listpixel task )
    [ wavlength / (order) / intensity ]
Line list : Text file with 4 columns
    [ wavelength / elements number / Excitation potential(eV) / log gf ]


    Download (TAME-1.1.0)

[ File list for TAME program ]

    tame.sav : compiled IDL sav file
    tame_silent.sav : compiled IDL sav file for automatic mode (no interacting)
      (Sorry, it's not fully silent yet.)
    tame.par : paramter file for TAME
    sline.txt : strong line list for detecting radial velocity
    rline.vld : reference line list adopted from VALD for line identification
    sample.lpx : spectrum text file
    sample.lines : line list text file for EW measurement


1. Download and unzip tame.tar.gz

2. Prepare the text files of spectrum and line list

    [Spectrum : ex) sample.lpx ]

    4783.26818492019 27. 0.8428322
    4783.29584225258 27. 0.8738704
    4783.32349570868 27. 0.9058692
    4783.37879099165 27. 0.9329331
    4783.40643281833 27. 0.9335858
    4783.43407076837 27. 0.9313861
    4783.46170484167 27. 0.8949853
    4783.48933503815 27. 0.8550504
    4783.51696135772 27. 0.7832547
    4783.59981705415 27. 0.3806874

    [Line List : ex) sample.lines ]

    4439.89 26.0 2.279 -3.002
    4523.40 26.0 3.654 -1.990
    4574.22 26.0 3.211 -2.500
    4602.01 26.0 1.608 -3.154
    4785.96 26.0 4.143 -1.930
    4808.15 26.0 3.251 -2.790
    ....... .... ..... ......

3. Confirm and modify tame.par (parameter file)

TAME automatically generates "[WORKNAME].arr" binary file for fast processing of the next run.
If you changed the .lpx file, you should change work name or delete .arr file.

WORKNAME         sample
SPECTRUM sample.lpx
LINELIST sample.lines
OUTPUT sample.aout
VALDREF* refline.vld
STRONGLIN* strline.dat

WORKNAME : Name of the work that measure EW in a spectrum. User can use the different WORKNAME for the same spectrum with different line list. Because it takes long time to read the text spectrum file, TAME automactically saves the spectrum into binary file of IDL ([WORKNAME].arr).

SPECTRUM : Text file name of spectrum data. File format has was decribed above.

LINELIST : Text file name of line list data. File format has was decribed above.

OUTPUT : Text file name of EW result data.

SMOOTHER : Parameter of calculating numerical derivatives, searching for absorption lines. TAME finds out absorption lines using 2nd and 3rd derivatives of spectrum. It affects the line detection ratio and false-detection.

SPACING : The range of slicing in the spectrum. TAME crops the nearby data in the spectrum, for Gaussian/Voigt fitting.

LOWERCUT : The lower cut level of spectrum to determine the local continuum. It affects the local continuum levels. Higher value gets higher local continuum. It should be lower then 1.

UPPERCUT : The upper cut level of spectrum to determine the local continuum. It affects the local continuum levels. It excludes the effects of bad pixels or cosmic-rays.

INITFWHM : Initial parameter of FWHM for deblending lines by fitting. It is critical parameter for Gaussian/Voigt fitting. It depends on the spectral resolution of spectrum.

PSOUT : If it sets 1, TAME saves the fitting result of each line in PS file with graph.

VALDREF : (optional) Name of VALD reference line list. It shows the reference line data around the target line.

STRONGLIN : (optional) Text file name that contains wavelengths of strong lines in the spectrum. TAME uses the initial radial velocity based on these lines.

3. Run tame.sav by IDL.

IDL> tame

Bug Report mail: wskang@astro.snu.ac.kr

  2013-01-07 : modify the "tame.par" structure.
  2012-10-29 : debug the error when deleting a point with "d" key.
  2012-08-08 : don't generate the logfile.txt
  2012-07-23 : automatically get the OS system architecture, 'x' or 'win' for device
  2012-07-23 : debug the error for VERSION variable.
  2014-10-30 : modify the download link using DROPBOX